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Our Programs

Children often struggle to work at a comfortable pace in the classroom. Teachers must complete lessons in a limited amount of time, leaving little extra time for kids to work on assignments or ask questions about the assignment. Children who don’t understand a single concept are left struggling to catch up for the remainder of the year. With one-on-one instruction, kids can focus on learning concepts at a comfortable pace. My Tutor Calgary offers a range of services that help your child reach their learning potential.

The Programs We Offer!

Home Tutoring
Home Tutoring

We offer a free online assessment that determines what specific areas your child needs help in, and based on that information we match your child with the best tutors that are able to provide that help. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Online tutoring
Online Tutoring

Our online services guarantee that your child will receive the help they need at their own convenience. We offer a FREE 30 minute online session that exposes your child to the quality of help they will receive in every single session!

Test prep
Test Prep

We provide academic support for Diplomas, Final exams, and more! Our Test Prep includes 10 hours of tutoring, over 20 hours of test preparation materials, and access to knowledgeable tutors for any questions you may have!

K-12 Subjects

View all the k-12 subjects we offer, and contact us if you would like more information. We will try to accommodate for any subjects that are not on this list!


  • Math 1, Math 2

  • Math 3, Math 4

  • Math 5, Math 6

Language Arts

  • Language Arts 1, 2

  • Language Arts 3, 4

  • Language Arts 5, 6


  • Science 1, Science 2

  • Science 3, Science 4

  • Science 5, Science 6

social studies

  • Social Studies 3, 4

  • Social Studies 5

  • Social Studies 6

Post-Secondary Courses

We offer university, college, and post-secondary courses. We also provide technical and language development courses! Contact us to learn more.

University Courses

College Courses

Language Development Courses

What’s included in our tutoring packages?

  • An individualized assessment with review from an Educational Psychologist

  • An individualized study plan for academic success developed by Educational Psychologist

  • Access to online and in person tutoring

  • Individualized support to ensure your child is motivated, and gets the support they need to succeed

We Offer:

  • One on one private tutoring starting at $35 an hour

  • Exam and Diploma prep

  • Academic assessment administered by Educational Psychologist

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