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Our Company

Our mission is to help youth overcome learning obstacles through personalized tutoring and mentoring. At My Tutor Calgary we focus on more than just academics. Using our smart-matching process, we pair your child with a “mentutor” – a tutor who can help guide and motivate your child through life’s challenges. We ensure your child has the academic tools required to succeed, the right motivation, and the supports required maximize your child’s learning experience inside and outside of school.


Our Guarantee

An academic learning environment where your child can excel.

Once completing our initial assessment, we will create an individualized success plan for your child. In that plan, we will outline the work required to attain an agreed upon grade. Our guarantee to you is, if your child completes the work outlined in the plan and does not receive the expected grade, we will return 100% of your money for that reporting period!

Our Values

Our values are what separate us from other tutoring companies

One Question, One Lesson, One class at a time. Motivation is one of the key reasons students succeed or fail. With hard work and the right motivation EVERY student can succeed. Low motivation can come from a lack of interest in school, low self-confidence, poor emotional well-being, and not being able to understand the important role education plays in one’s future. Our evaluation process takes personality and academics into consideration and highlights the goals of your child, inside and outside of school. Our tutor and your child will co-create an individualized success plan to help your child reach their dreams one question, one lesson, one course at a time.

Our Tutors

Our tutors undergo extensive screening and testing.

Tutors are trained to use our individualized study tools to ensure your students is getting the help exactly where they need it. Our tutors undergo the same security screening used by teachers and volunteers in the public school system.

Grades Guarantee
Expert Tutors

Experienced and dedicated tutoring since 1988

Our Founder, Jamal Elrafih, is the Principal at the first public charter school in Calgary. Jamal started Math Tutoring Services in 1988 as a student at the University of Calgary completing a degree in Applied Mathematics, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. Highly recognized as one of Alberta’s top educators, he passed on his business to his eldest son Mohamed in 2007. Since then Mohamed has tutored over 300 students and trained more than 20 tutors – all of which are dedicated to the academic success of our students.

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