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Grade 7 to 9 Math, Science & English tutor Calgary
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Topics covered in Grades 7, 8, 9
Math Tutoring in Calgary

Grade 7 Math:

In our Grade 7 Math intensive tutoring program, your child will come out with a deep understanding of: prime or composite numbers, integers, decimals, fractions and mixed number, rational numbers, exponents and square roots, ratios and proportional relationships, percent, consumer math, problem solving and estimation, measurements, coordinate graphs, number sequences, variable expressions, variable properties, one and two-variable equations, geometry, transformations, data and graphs, statistics, and probability.

Grade 8 Math:

In our Grade 8 intensive math tutoring program, we will help your child to apprehend the following topics: a review of Grade 7 concepts, factors, integers, exponents and roots, scientific notation, multi-step problem solving, the Pythagorean theorem, advanced data and graphs, and linear functions.

Grade 9 Math:

In our Grade 9 tutoring program, your child will come away with an understanding of relations and functions, operations, direct variation, exponents, sequences, advanced problem solving, percent, geometry, linear functions, single-variable inequalities, logic, probabilities, coordinate graphs, and statistics.

What’s included in our Grades 7 to 9
junior high tutoring packages?

  • An individualized assessment
  • An individualized study plan for success
  • Access to cutting edge online technologies to support student learning
  • Support with homework, and individual support to ensure your child has the motivation and tools they need for academic success

Junior High Math Tutoring Pricing

Group sessions starting at $8/hour, one on one sessions starting at $35/hour

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