Topics covered in Math 30-1, 30-2, 30-3, Math 31 Calculus Tutoring in Calgary

Math 30-1

Trigonometry Relations and Functions Permutations, Combinations and Binomial Theorem

Math 30-2

Permutations, Combinations and Binomial Theorem Logical Reasoning Probability

Math 30-3

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Item 4 Item 5  

Math 31 Calculus

The specific purposes of the Mathematics 31 course of studies are as follows:

  • to develop an understanding of the algebra of functions and transformations, together with their graphs, and to apply these understandings in different areas of mathematics;
  • to develop a fluency in algebraic computations involving rational expressions, inequalities, absolute values and trigonometric functions;
  • to introduce the principal concepts and methods of differential and integral calculus;
  • to develop skills in problem solving and reasoning, using calculus concepts and procedures as the context; and
  • to apply the methods of calculus to various simple applications in the physical and biological sciences, in engineering, in business and in the social sciences.

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