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Grade 1 to 6 Math, Reading & Writing tutor Calgary
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Topics covered in Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Math, Reading & Writing Tutoring in Calgary

Grade 1:

we will cover: adding and subtracting, how to tell time, beginner measurement, understanding greater than and less than, and equal parts.

Grade 2:

we will cover: place-value models, even and odd, regular and irregular plurals, pronouns, and contractions.

Grade 3:

we will cover: multiplication facts, line graphs, possessive nouns, homophones, and an introduction to conjunctions.

Grade 4:

we will cover: adding decimals, calculating probabilities, prepositions, idioms, and exploring how to use a thesaurus.

Grade 5:

we will cover: quadrilaterals, how to add fractions, the basics of comparative adjectives, and commonly confused words.

Grade 6:

we will cover: percentages, perimeter, variable expressions, the Greek and Latin roots of words, and the world of personification.

What’s included in our Grades 1 to 6 elementary tutoring packages?

– An individualized assessment
– An individualized study plan for success
– Access to cutting edge online technologies to support youth learning
– Support with homework, and individual support to ensure your child has the motivation and tools they need for success

Elementary Math, Reading & Writing Pricing

Group sessions starting at $8/hour, one on one starting at $35/hour

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