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Is Your Child Struggling with Learning? Get Expert Calgary Tutoring Services with My Tutor Calgary

Education is the foundation kids need for a successful future, but many kids struggle with learning in a classroom setting. In the classroom, teachers don’t have time to provide one-on-one instruction to children, especially when teaching larger groups of children. One-on-one instruction is one of the most effective ways to teach kids.

Children also struggle to work at a comfortable pace in the classroom. Teachers must complete lessons in a limited amount of time, leaving little extra time for kids to work on assignments or ask questions about the assignment. Often, children who don’t understand a single concept are left struggling to catch up for the remainder of the year. With one-on-one instruction, kids can focus on learning concepts at a comfortable pace. My Tutor Calgary offers a range of services that help your child reach their learning potential.

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Our Calgary Tutors and Experienced Math Tutors
Can Help Your Child Get Back On Track With Effective Learning Methods

Learning doesn’t have to be a struggle for your child. My Tutor Calgary provides one-on-one instruction for elementary, middle school and high school students using a variety of proven learning methods. We focus on providing children with a personalized learning plan. Each child takes an individualized assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses, allowing our Calgary tutors to develop custom lesson plans for each child.

Our Calgary tutoring program utilizes a matching service to provide your child with a math tutor with the skills needed to inspire, encourage and teach your child based on your child’s personality, learning style and grade level. With a math tutor that inspires learning, kids can reach their educational goals and excel in subjects that were once challenging. Group tutoring is also an option at My Tutor Calgary. Group sessions are particularly useful for diploma prep and other age-based study groups.

What makes us different

a revolutionary approach to tutoring


You can be confident leaving your child in our experienced and capable hands. With over 35 years of combined experience, we guarantee results for any student who follows our individualized study plan.

After completing a comprehensive assessment, we will create a learning plan tailored to your child’s specific needs. In addition, parents will be able to follow up with their child’s progress with session reports completed after every meeting – sent through email or paper copy.
more than tutoring

More than Tutoring
We train all our staff to be more than simply academic support. Each staff is trained to support our clients as mentors – helping them navigate the challenges of today’s competitive landscape
convenient + affordable

Convenient + Affordable
We offer in-home Calgary tutoring as well as provide services at our location in Rundle. We are one block south from Rundle train station. And with classes as low as $10/hour, everyone can afford our services.

Unlock Your Child’s Passion and Motivation with Our Calgary Tutoring Services

Calgary tutoring services are beneficial when you want to give your preschooler a head start on their education, or to keep your child on-track academically during the summer months. For older students, mid-term and final exams can be stressful or overwhelming. Our Calgary tutors provide your child with a focused, effective study plan for each course to encourage higher test scores. We also offer diploma prep courses for high school students. For preschool kids, tutoring is a fun way to learn the basics, such as counting, colors and letters, before school begins.

About Our Process

developed by academics who are leaders in this industry

We smart-match our clients with “mentutors”, a tutor who can mentor the youth through life’s challenges

Comprehensive Assessment
Developed by our Academic Coordinator, with over 30 years of teaching experience, our method is guaranteed to identify the academic needs of your child
Develop Individualized Study Plan
After a comprehensive assessment, we work with the student to tailor a learning plan unique to your child, guaranteed to meet your child’s academic needs
Smart-Matching Process
Working with the family, each student is paired with a tutor who can meet the needs of the client’s unique situation. A tutor who can relate to the identity, interests. culture, past experiences, and future goals of your child
Proven Academic Improvement
Whether your child comes to our centre, or is tutored in-home, parents will be well-informed on their child’s progress with session reports after every meeting. By engaging family, the “mentutor”, and other natural supports we foster an environment conducive to our client’s success

See Why We Are Calgary’s Best Choice
for Calgary Tutoring Services with Our Expert Tutors

My Tutor Calgary offers expert tutoring in all subjects, providing your child with a reliable way to excel in the classroom setting. From finding a math tutor to creating a group setting to help kids prepare for exams, Calgary tutoring offers kids the chance to learn in a calmer environment that has fewer distractions than the classroom, while also focusing on your child’s personal skill level. With help from our Calgary tutors, your child can overcome their academic challenges and succeed in the classroom.

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